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Retained Recruitment

We deliver successful retained recruitment for business leaders and have a track record in hiring Board Chairs, Chief Executives, Finance Directors, Human Resources Directors and other senior professionals at remuneration ranges from £80,000 - £400,000.



We ensure clients can address the pressing immediate questions which affect their business without losing sight of their business. 


The sort of issues we help with range from how to engage with new markets, address procurement questions, assess the likely impact of developing regulations or even review their HR function.


This service is delivered with partners and ensures our clients get effective introductions - from senior contacts who can help guide them to public events (virtual, hybrid and face-to-face).


Private Equity

We have worked with private owners refreshing their portfolio companies and supported clients in a range of sectors. Over the past decade that has increasingly involved tech-led ideas (from deeper client engagement to operational efficiency).


We work particularly with FinTech, Health Tech and EdTech clients as they grow their businesses in the UK and overseas. We love high growth companies and always aim to add a little to their core team's circle of contacts, capacity, capability and capacity!

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We adore the possibility of ESG (way more than just the environment)  to help business get better but we believe that depends on sometimes challenging assumptions and always ensuring decisions address the breadth of political and commercial imperatives.

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