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Retained Recruitment

Our leadership team has decades of experience successfully delivering projects to recruit senior professionals - CFOs, FDs, CEOs and BoD Chairs. Recent mandates have ranged from Cheshire (UK) to Port Moresby (PNG).

We've supported the ownership teams of businesses ranging from shipping and logistics to Telecommunications and Retail. Alongside this we have also led a number of projects for charities - at reduced rates.

We will be delighted to supply testimonials from clients and candidates, on request.



Our advisory team focuses on projects for technology businesses - keen to address a question, assess a market or promote an idea.


We deploy our direct team and unsurpassed associate network to ensure that clients get first class advice on how to achieve their objectives to the greatest result. This is especially vital in times of disruption and change to supply chains, business models and when clients need to consider new markets and services.

Our work delivers excellent counsel - with a meaningful contribution to revenue and cost-control.

Space Recruitment

Delano Wheatley Consulting has recently developed a coherent recruitment proposition for space-focused technology businesses and those advisory and financial services firms which support them.


Our capabilities cover:

  • CFO and other C-suite executive recruitment

  • Non Executive Director and Advisory recruitment

  • Full-service, in-house Cross functional and multi layered recruitment 


The first two areas build on our considerable functional and senior recruitment legacy and the latter enables us to deploy the deep expertise of a frontier tech., recruitment colleague who most recently helped build a UK FinTech from 30 to 130 employees across two years.

Please call us to find out more about how we can help you recruit into your core team.


Space Events

Building up on the UK-based policy and advisory work of our wider team, our owners have recently launched a dedicated Space Events business (DWC space, incorporated in England. Reg. 15512968).

DWC Space is developing a series of community-building events to support the exciting prospects for international development of space-based enterprises.

Attendees will include senior:

  • Investment Managers

  • Pension Fund representatives

  • Insurers

  • Bankers

  • Lawyers

  • Accountants

  • UK Defence and Security professionals

  • Politicians/Advisers

  • HMG Civil Servants (HMT, DSiT, DFT, FCDO, MoD, HO)

  • Overseas Embassy representatives

  • Aerospace professionals

  • Space Technology entrepreneurs

Please contact us via 020 3 797 1032 and ask for DWC Space, to find out more about sponsor, speaker and hosting opportunities.

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