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We founded Delano Wheatley Consulting (DWC) in 2021 to ensure that privately-owned Technology-Enabled business leaders get the very best advisory and recruitment services to help them achieve their ambitions. In these times of rapid change and dislocation we offer professional guidance to help our clients achieve their ambitions.


We help clients get the best results when they need to go beyond their core competence, connections or capacity to achieve an immediate goal - whether advisory or recruitment based.


With partners, we also facilitate discreet and effective events - from small scale business meetings and lunches to seminars and conferences.


We place trust and confidence at the heart of all we do and deliver well for our clients. We believe that depends on establishing clear goals, ensuring consistent process and communicating candidly. It's about knowing where you want to go and helping you get there.

Our Expertise

Our consultants have deep experience and broad connections. These enable us to share insights and deliver results which others might not. 


We are the very antithesis of a 'body-shopping' consultancy. The connections we make are cost effective, efficient and we deliver just what our clients want.

Our Commitment to Results

We report weekly by email to our clients and liaise regularly with them by 'phone whenever we need to report on new developments or require their input. 


Above all, we base our work on clear ambitions, detailed information and perseverance. Those give destination, motivation and the drive we need to deliver consisitently excellent results for our clients. 

Our Philosophy

We believe trust is built on consistency. For that reason we always take a detailed brief from clients before we engage and we report thoroughly to them - whether we're advising on regulatory change or leading their recruitment of a new Board member.

Our Experience

Our consultants have an average of over 25 years experience in delivering for UK-based and global clients on a range of discrete mandates. 


We provide counsel which complements that of their core team and we deliver excellent consultancy - advisory and recruitment. 


The Team

Mark Wheatley


  • Mark is an experienced headhunter and trusted adviser to UK and internationally based ownership teams. He helps business leaders to make the best possible connections for their operations.


  • He has served on Boards and and as a trustee of various operations in the UK and in the capacity of a non executive director on several public sector bodies.


  • His recruitment experience has included handling the successful leadership of assignments securing outstanding Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, Marketing and IT professionals and Auditors.


  • He is highly capable in addressing nuance in an assignment and at aligning distinct stakeholders to a common purpose.


Our Associates

Based in key cities around the world and include

  • Investors

  • CFOs

  • Space Experts

  • Non-Executive Directors

  • Defence and Security Professionals

  • Analysts

  • Geo-political experts

  • Global procurement professionals

  • Lawyers

  • Change Consultants.



We learn from them and partner with them to deliver for our clients.


We deploy this network of experts to ensure that our clients get first class. Advice in all instances. We are a leading team of tacticians and process experts.

Our clients determine 'what' they want to achieve. We connect the 'who' and 'how'.

Let us know if you can help.

 "Mark has a great ability to tune into his clients' culture and provide excellent candidates with great insights." 


- PH

Private CFO and Portfolio lead for major international family

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